My Newfound Hate for Lenovo

by Ed on December 23, 2006

I hate Lenovo. A brief history is in order.

12/1/2006 Oh happy day! Life is great! After doing a lot of investigating and reading, I decided I’d finally go ahead and order me a new X60 ThinkPad with the SXGA screen. I was given an estimated ship date of 12/15. After I put it through I thought perhaps I’d have to get two day shipping just in case so I could get it before I have to leave for Christmas. So I called and they had to completely redo my order. Not sure why, but there you have it. In any case, I was now all set with two-day shipping.

12/8/2006 I get another email. Why? It didn’t say… so I went to look at the web site. My ship date was now the 19th. This was getting close to when I had to fly home for Christmas. Now my two day shipping wouldn’t help me unless it shipped early. So I waited.

12/18/2006 It hadn’t shipped so I called to get the address changed to get it shipped to where I was going to be for Christmas.

12/19/2006 Theoretical ship day. I went to the site to make sure my address was now my new ship-to address. It wasn’t. I wasn’t pleased. But then I looked up and my ship date was 2/6/2007!! I should note that I did not get an email this time. So now they’ve not only not changed my ship-to address, but they’ve moved my ship date out over a month, all without informing me in any way. Very annoying.

So I called and asked what was up. I spoke to one guy that didn’t seem to be able to tell me much of anything and he could write a note to the shipping department and someone would contact me in a business day. I asked why can’t he tell me right now what’s backordered. He didn’t have a good answer. In the end I had to run to a meeting so I just hung up a bit rudely (and who can blame me at this point).

After my meeting I called back and got someone who had more of a clue. I told him the whole story about how the only reason I got two day shipping was to get it before I left for vacation, but since my ship date was moved out to crazyland, I would hardly need it anymore. I asked him to remove the two day shipping and change my ship-to address back to my bill-to address. He confirmed he would do both things. I also asked what the holdup was as the current estimated ship time on the site was 1-3 weeks (same as when I ordered. I should also mention that I had checked the week previous just to see what their lead time was and it was 1-5 days). He said the ones with the SXGA screens were all on backorder. Why did they not know that three weeks ago when I ordered? I asked if the new date was any more real than the last one. He said yeah. I highly doubt it.

12/21/2006 I get two emails from them (Thanks for your order. Yay.) and again I have to go to the site to guess what’s different. Seems my ship date slipped out again to 2/9 and my ship-to address was changed… to the exact address I asked that it NOT be sent to any longer. So I had to call these idiots again to get my address changed. Then I decided to write to the email address in the emails they send me to complain about how this order has been handled.

To date, noone from shipping ever contacted me within that ‘one business day’ window that one guy told me. Nor has anyone answered my complaint email. Of course, the latter could just be because of the time of year.

But at the end of the day, they told me 1-3 weeks originally now it’s like 2 months from my order date. And they have bungled my address changes twice now. They really need to get their act together. I am sitting here wondering why I haven’t already cancelled. It’s just too bad they get to treat their individual customers like crap. I bet their corporate customers aren’t having these sorts of issues.

Screw you Lenovo.

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John March 25, 2008 at 11:53 am

I did not read the article above. But I just want to tell everyone that I hate LENOVO. IBM used to be excellent. I thought they are going to keep this. They did not.
They suuuuuuuuuuuuck now.


Andrei August 1, 2008 at 10:18 am

Bought an X300 two months ago. The machine arrived with a defective screen. Sent it back to IBM/Lenovo for repairs. They had it for over a month because they didn’t have the parts to fix it. After calling them about a 100 times they finally sent me the machine back un-repaired (and made it sound as though they were doing me a favor!). Now I have to wait another month to get a new one. Bottom line… IBM/Lenovo has the worst customer service and are absolutely incompetent. I learned my lesson the hard way… never dealing with them again.


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