Yahoo! Year End Party

by Ed on December 9, 2005

Last Saturday, I had the interesting opportunity to go to not one but two holiday/year end parties. One for my wife’s company, and then topping off the night at the Yahoo! Year End Party. Because of the logistics of getting from one party to the other, we figured it was going to be tough to hook up with our friends there. We were late, and we got to the hotel (which we stayed at post party, but we needed to check in and shuttle over to the convention center), dropped our stuff off and proceeded to leave. When the elevator opened, all our friends were in the elevator. That was a Twilight Zone moment. I mean, what are the chances that would ever happen in a bazillion years. I think we all just sat there for a minute looking at each other while “Hey! I know you!” settled in. We could not have planned that better.

I have to say that the Yahoo! party was out of control. That was crazy. It reminded me of a party we had when we finally shipped Mac OS X. Apple rented out Hangar One at Moffet field and we had crazy buffets/drinks, etc. But this Yahoo! party was like that Apple party times ten. It’s the only party I’ve ever been to that’s actually been mentioned in the news. The entire theme of the party was the Louisiana Bayou. There was a casino with fake gambling, open bars EVERYWHERE (which is primarily where you could find us), and video games. Each bar/place was named after various places in New Orleans. The headline act was Earth, Wind & Fire, though there were other acts as well, in the main room and in the casino room. They would also take your portrait if you wished. I would say that in general it’s a bad idea to have your picture taken at the end of the night when the photographer is in a bad mood and you are a little (ok, perhaps more than a little) intoxicated. Not a pretty sight. I felt absolutely awful the next day and vowed to never repeat that again. But I have to say, in thinking back to the party, I’d do it all over again in a second. I think I’d make sure to drink more water, eat more food, and take more aspirin! When I think of all the mini-meatballs they had that I didn’t eat, I shed a tear.

All in all it was a great time!

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