Stargate II

by Ed on July 22, 2006

A friend sent me a link that eventually led here.

Now, when I originally saw Stargate, I thought for sure there’d be a SG II, but it never happened. Now the creator wants to make II and III 12 years later. But see, for the past 10 years, there’s been a series running (now two series). So I just don’t get it.

I’m also not sure how true it is when he says there was always supposed to be a trilogy, and by chance (who’d have thunk it) the second movie takes places 12 years later. Sounds a bit suspicious to me. But still, I’d love to know what he has in mind to complete the original story. At the same time though, considering that SG-1 the series starts 1 year after the original movie, I’m not sure how this second movie is supposed to work. It’s supposed to continue its own mythos, and yet it’s said that the series could still work after the 3rd movie. I don’t understand how this is possible unless it involves the much-played-out technique of time travel (“we have to fix the past!”… yawn). I can only sit here and hope it’s something better.

There were definite differences between the movie and the series. The Jaffa didn’t exist in the movie. The Jaffa-like people in the movie were actually other gods (Anubis and Horus). And the alien wasn’t a snake-like parasite, though he did certainly take over a human host. He was supposedly the last of his kind, not one of many. So when the series picked up, they tried to patch up the differences, etc. and it mostly worked since not a lot of detail was actually said about the aliens in the movie, particularly Anubis and Horus. This gave them the leeway they needed to build a series. I completely understand why they changed what they did and why they did for the series (“Hey look! A dialing device!”). I am just concerned now that a return to the original concept in a new movie might be a bit odd.

So while I’d love to see it, I also think this might be a very bad idea. I also get suspicious when people want to pick up the continuation of a movie many years later. Usually, the person is older and thinks a bit differently than they did back when the first movie was done, so I fear it may be disjointed. Maybe Dean will want to put walkie talkies in place of guns this time. Who knows. To be safe though, I think he should send me his treatment(s) and I’ll give my official thumbs up or down. 🙂

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Arlo July 23, 2006 at 6:32 pm

I think doing a movie that ignores 9 seasons of a TV show spin-off, and 3 seasons of that spin-off’s spin-off is about the dumbest thing the studio could do.

If you think about the marketing aspects of it, it’s a lose-lose situation. People unaware of the TV show that see this will be upset that the show has nothing to do with the film, fans of the show will be mad that the film has nothing to do the last nine years of plots and arcs, and about the only people that will like it are folks that enjoyed the original film and hated the show. That would be about 7 people.


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