Blackberry Pearl On Its Way

by Ed on December 3, 2006

I am sadly still in search for the perfect cell phone that does it all well. After getting my Treo a while back I stopped using it. Because the software was bad? No. Because of the Verizon coverage issues? No. As silly as it sounds it was because it was still a bit too big for my pocket. So I had gotten a SLVR for my Cingular account and used that. It was small and a good solid phone. Only thing is it doesn’t really do IM well (near as I could tell) and it certainly doesn’t handle calendaring and email well (or at all). Plus I hate trying to enter text on a regular phone. So much so that I just don’t bother.

Recently the Blackberry Pearl came out. Almost the same size as the SLVR, but with Blackberry’s renowned server-side email and calendaring capabilities. I heart push email. I used to have it when I had my Sidekick, but like the Treo, it was too big. And I am not going to be Mr. Utility Belt. So I gave it up… but this phone might be a good blend of what I’m looking for. The only thing that will decide it is their qwerty-like text input where there’s two letters per key. We shall see.

Anyhoo, this Blackberry is on its way to me and I should have it Thursday. Hopefully it will be worth it. Of course, I got it for free through Amazon, and the data plan is cheaper than though Verizon, so I’m thinking it will be.

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