More Galactica Theories

by Ed on March 25, 2007

I’m mostly writing this to see how good or bad I can predict. I’ve been pondering the whole death of Starbuck and the line that’s supposed to come up in tonight’s episode about “We’re all cylons.”. Of course, the second Starbuck bought it, I thought “she must be a cylon then”. Why spend all those episodes talking about her destiny only to have her die. Putting myself into a writer’s shoes, it just doesn’t make much sense.

But of course you listen to Ron Moore’s podcast and he’s all dramatic about how they felt you know what, she need needs to die. And the part about how the called her up to break the news to her. There’s also the fact that she grew up and had a mother. Of course, one could argue that either

  • those memories are fake
  • the final 5 cylons are hybrids
What’s stuck in my brain now is the part where the cylon tells her about there being nothing wrong with death and some line about the space in between life and death. Which is of course where the Deanna model of cylon kept trying to get to to see the final 5 cylons.

So I say Starbuck might return tonight and change everything. To what, I have no idea. If they are all cylons, then what? Why race the other cylons to Earth after all. Why continue the series? Unless they take a tack of “well, we’re the good cylons” or something equally ridiculous. I don’t know. Guess I’ll know in an hour or two!

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Robert Foerster November 27, 2007 at 11:50 am

I think it may be that they ALL ARE CYCLONS. Everyone is a hybrid or the like, and the entire drama is based on their attempt to evolve.

They’ve said over and over, “this has happened, and will happen again”.

My theory is that, humanity was killed off long ago, and the cylons are repeating the final conflict in some desperate bid to evolve past where they are. They’re hybrids have turned out to be just as human as humans were, and my thinking is they are trying to evolve by reliving the final conflict over and over again.

There is likey no earth, or that is where the “simulation” ends and resets. Almost matrix like.

Remember the cyclons were rebuilding caprica and the worlds? For the next batch of hybrids to live the same situation over again.

I actually hope this is NOT the way it turns out…


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