Stargate on Blu-ray

by Ed on March 25, 2007

Last night I watchd Stargate on Blu-ray. It looked really good, but I’m wondering why the heck the subtitles didn’t show up when they were talking “Egyptian”. I had to manually turn them on, which of course, then gave me subtitles when they were saying everything. Scanning the web this seems to be an issue with the disk (I hope — it would be unfortunate if it were a blu-ray limitation and would likely flip me to HD-DVD). I’d hate that you couldn’t get partial subtitles on a movie, as you need in this one or possibly at the beginning of Hunt for Red October, etc.

One amusing note was that I started listening to the commentary track for a while and they were very adamant they had nothing to do with the series. That’s sad to me as I really enjoy the series (though since Sci-Fi’s had it it hasn’t been as good). It’s not unexpected though that they don’t like from past stuff I’ve read.

Another interesting thing is that in this version (which I also have the DVD of), they show extra scenes, including glimpses of some petrified ‘gods’ that apparently tried to come through the gate and got embedded in the rock. I had thought they were just buried with the stargate after the revolution, but the commentary says they tried to come through. It certainly isn’t clear from the movie, but I like that explanation a lot better.

And of course, you always have to wonder as you watch it why the computers were already set up for 7 symbols when he cracks the secret of the glyphs. That takes so much away from it. I realize they want to get on their journey quickly, but they could have at least had a scene or two in-between where they figure out how to dial it. I dunno. Something. Anything.

Anyhoo… geektime over.

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