Issues in 1.1.3 iPhone Update?

by Ed on January 25, 2008

Since downloading 1.1.3 for my iPhone the second the servers came back on release day, my phone has been experiencing some oddness. In particular it really seems like there’s some sort of memory corruption issue going on. I say that because I’ve experienced the following in the past few days:

  • The button to hang up a call was completely missing after one phone call. It was as if the image resource couldn’t be loaded.
  • The Edge symbol was a solid white square once
  • I tried to click the arrow next to someone’s name on the recent calls list and it wouldn’t respond. I then noticed that the lock icon was displayed at the top of my screen. I tried to lock and unlock the phone, but it was stuck for a while. Finally it came back.
  • Today my phone rang but the screen was black. The home and top buttons did nothing.

This is certainly all odd behavior and it sounds like something might have broken. 1.1.2 was running fine for me.

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