Being One with the DOM

May 14, 2007

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of work with our Konfabulator DOM. In some ways, we are completely redoing it so we can use it as the basis for everything (finally). I have also been looking at better ways to expose it via JavaScript. What I continuously learn is that […]

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Developer Day!

May 9, 2007

We’re offering the first ever Yahoo! Widgets Developer Day at our headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA. If you happen to be a Widget developer, we’d love to see you there. You can get more information on the Widgets Blog.

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Carbon: The Undead

March 29, 2007

I just downloaded the Eclipse SDK to check out a plugin for it, and I noticed it was done in Carbon. That got me thinking about the state of Carbon these days. Last year at WWDC, it was made very clear that Carbon is in a holding pattern now. Maintenance mode. I can understand why […]

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More Galactica Theories

March 25, 2007

I’m mostly writing this to see how good or bad I can predict. I’ve been pondering the whole death of Starbuck and the line that’s supposed to come up in tonight’s episode about “We’re all cylons.”. Of course, the second Starbuck bought it, I thought “she must be a cylon then”. Why spend all those […]

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Stargate on Blu-ray

March 25, 2007

Last night I watchd Stargate on Blu-ray. It looked really good, but I’m wondering why the heck the subtitles didn’t show up when they were talking “Egyptian”. I had to manually turn them on, which of course, then gave me subtitles when they were saying everything. Scanning the web this seems to be an issue […]

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Yahoo! Widgets 4 Released

March 21, 2007

We’re done with Yahoo! Widgets 4! Read all about it on our official Widget Blog. This release took a while to get done, but the team is ramped up substantially. We do still have three engineering reqs. to fill, so if you know someone who’s a wiz at doing framework-level development, send them our way. […]

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Hey! That ain’t right!

March 19, 2007

Check out this picture. On the left, Konfabulator/Yahoo! Widgets. On the right, an Apollo sample. As you can see, they stole our images verbatim. Not cool. I should point out that their Widget takes 26MB of RPRIV on Mac OS X, our Weather Widget takes 3MB. Booyah. Yeah, i know it’s alpha, but still.

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Area Poster

January 30, 2007

Area Poster Originally uploaded by DarthSidious. ’nuff said.

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Battlestar Galactica Theories

January 22, 2007

Last night I was watching BSG and as they were talking about seeing the faces of the 5 cylons, I all of a sudden had this weird OMG moment where I realized that the temple was called the Temple of Five. It cannot be a coincidence that the same temple where the hybrid tells Baltar […]

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Vista on MacBook Pro II

January 4, 2007

I now have Vista running a bit better on my MacBook Pro. But the journey was long and arduous and fraught with peril. I didn’t actually set out to get everything working better. In fact, all I really wanted was a slightly larger partition. I was running out of room since I only had made […]

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